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Character Voices: Video Games-Animation


Promo Voice Over Video for EdMace.com Supa Strikas:Ura Giri 2013 Sheep Happens! Harry Potter-Page to Screen Poker with Bob Mortimer Beckett and The Lost King
Studio N8's Insurance Webspot Tremble: Heroes of Newerth Supa Strikas: Ura Giri 2010 Codeminion's Phantasmat Mortimer Beckett and the Crimson Thief Supa Strikas:Beautiful Gaming-Ura Giri 2011


Trailers: Video Games-Animation-Documentaries-Television-Websites

Scream Yourself Silly Children of Liberty The Adventures of Victor and Garu Bristol MotorSpeedway-Speedway in Lights 2013!! Master Fu The Adventures of Toby
LA Auto Show 2011 Lockheed Martin Joe Carrier My Dad-Worship for Kids! RI PBS:The Hidden Face of Homelessness Bald Hill Dodge